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    October 27, 2014
    Dishwasher Cleaning Tips

    If your dishwasher is full of icky bacteria, it’s not going to do a very good job of getting your dishes clean. It’s easy to forget about, but it’s extremely important to clean your dishwasher periodically. But, how do you do it? You’d think that just running it would take care of it, but that’s not always the case. To kill bacteria and get rid of built up food and grime, read this post by Cheryl at Tidy Mom:

    -Start with an empty dishwasher. Remove all parts

    -Use paper towels to remove debris and gunk

    -Using paper towels, remove debris and food gunk (I’ve even found hair??) .

    • Use a damp rag that’s been wet with vinegar water to wipe down inside and edges of door, use a toothbrush or q-tip to get in tiny places. 

    -Add 2 cups of white vinegar to the bottom of the dishwasher and turn it on to Energy or Low Wash. Stop the machine in mid-wash, so the vinegar can set on the bottom and work. Let it stand for about 20 minutes, then turn on to finish cycle.

    Photo Credit: brownpau 

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    October 23, 2014
    The Best Way To Wash Windows

    When you have dogs and kids running around your home, keeping your windows clean is extremely important. I can’t tell you how many wet-nose-marks and sticky kid finger prints I’ve cleaned off of my glass. Sadly, many times the windows end up being even worse looking when I’m done with them. I’m absolutely terrible at wiping them down, and I always leave streaks everywhere. But, after reading this post by Chaotically Creative at Hometalk, I know I’ll never leave streaks again:

    -Dishwashing liquid


    -Scrubby pads


    -Scrub windows with the soap and water

    -Squeegee it off


    Photo Credit: Rachel Kramer 

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    October 22, 2014
    Wordless Wednesday: Arbor Over Garage= Curb Appeal!

    Photo from Sterley Construction

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    October 16, 2014
    Fans For the Fall

    Fans are a great, practical accessory to any room. That is, if you know how to utilize them correctly. Large metal/plastic fans usually don’t look great, but a stylish ceiling fan can really pull a room together. However, there are other types of fans besides ceiling fans! Check out this post by Nancy Moeller at the Active Rain blog for some inspiration that you’re sure to be a “fan” of:

    -Smart ceiling fans- These fans are about keeping the temperature and atmosphere in your home at optimum levels using the least amount of energy. 

    -Whole house fans- Older homes that don’t have central air-conditioning can be fitted with a whole house fan.

    -Other options include free-standing box, floor, tower or pedestal fans. You can move these portable fans from room to room throughout the day.

    Photo Credit: Mario Anima 

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    October 15, 2014
    Wordless Wednesday: Perfectly Pink Paint Palette

    Photo from Amy Howard at Home Blog

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    October 10, 2014
    Friday Fun Video: Planning A Kitchen Remodel? Watch This

    Some great tips if you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen!

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    October 8, 2014
    Wordless Wednesday: Peaceful Gray Bath

    Photo from Remy Meijers

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    October 2, 2014
    Rust Busting Secrets

    To me, metal furniture looks much more sophisticated than plastic lawn chairs. It’s also more durable, and will last you much longer. My entire life, I’ve had metal lawn furniture, and I’ve always loved the look of it. However, it does have its weak point: rain and rust. Now- one little storm won’t render your outdoor furniture useless- but over time, rust can build up. But even if it does- you don’t need to worry! Just read this tutorial by Lane Cummings at eHow and your patio furniture will be good as new:

    -Spray the metal furniture with vinegar until each piece of metal is sopping wet
    -Wait 15 minutes, then wipe off, and rinse with water- then dry

    -Rub the rest of the rust off with a wire brush

    -Sand off any remaining rust, wipe off

    -Apply primer and rust-resistant paint

    Photo Credit: Delwin Steven Campbell 

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    October 1, 2014
    Wordless Wednesday: Abandoned Farmhouse

    Photo from Erling Sivertsen

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    September 26, 2014
    Friday Fun Video: Abandoned Hotel

    Exploring abandoned buildings is dangerous and illegal- so don’t try this at home. However, it’s fun watching other people do it!

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