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    March 31, 2016
    Project Inspiration: Headboard Makeover

    8519741782_95f6c270ec_zI currently don’t have a headboard, and I’m looking to fix that! That’s why I’ve been browsing through headboard projects on Hometalk and Pinterest. A lot of them look super expensive and complicated, until I found this tutorial by Delusions of Ingenuity at Hometalk. It’s super funny, and will teach you how to make a gorgeous headboard out of curtains, wood planks, a mattress pad, and quilt batting. Check it out here:

    Purchase a big ole sheet of MDF and cut it to whatever size you want. Then buy a cheap mattress pad, cut it in half, and trim it to size. Wrap the whole dang mess with some quilt batting and schtaple it down.
    Then wrap your curtain around the whole dang mess and schtaple it down. Attach it to your frame made of wood planks.

    Photo Credit: El gran sueno

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    March 25, 2016
    Friday Fun Video: Deck Painting Tutorial
    YouTube Preview Image

    Give your deck a makeover with a fresh coat of paint!

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    March 10, 2016
    Bathtub Caulking Tutorial

    156273009_6bd8516e5f_zIf you have an older home, or you’ve been in yours for a few years, the caulk in your bathroom is going to start cracking. No matter how clean you keep your bathroom, you are going to get mold and stains if you do not recaulk around the tub. Check out this helpful tutorial by Betty at Hometalk for caulking tips:

    -Use a utility knife to remove the old caulk

    -Spray some Lift-Off Caulk/Silicon remover onto the entire area you scraped off the old caulk.
    -Apply steady pressure to your tube gun as you move along the tub seam.
    As soon as the seams are filled, smooth the caulk with a wet fingertip. 

    Photo Credit: Jason Eppink 

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    February 19, 2016
    Friday Fun Video: Choosing The Right Sandpaper For Your Project

    Not all sandpapers are equal!


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    February 9, 2016
    How To Make Hardwood Floors Look Like New

    Hardwood floors are a beautiful investment for any home: they look great, add property value, and are easier to keep clean than carpet. However, if you have kids or pets or just a busy life in general, even hardwood floors will take a beating over time. Check out this post by Sherry and John at Young House Love for how get your floors looking like new again:

    -Sweep the floor thoroughly

    -Head to the hardware floor and grab some floor clearing spray, spray it all over

    -Scrub the heck out of the floors with a mop

    -Mop around the room again with a glossy floor restorer and voila!

    Photo Credit: Boa-Franc 

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    January 29, 2016
    Friday Fun Video: Super Cool DIY Flood Sensor

    This is amazing and a must have for any home!

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    January 22, 2016
    Friday Fun Video: Home Project Safety

    If you are going to be tackling a DIY project, remember that your safety is the most important thing! Be prepared by watching this video.

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    December 17, 2015
    Old House Makeover Tips

    Is your home 30 years old, or older? Does it have old school features like wooden wall panels, bad carpeting, and accessories as old as the home itself? Then it may be time for an update. This post is not an in depth guide to renovation and repairs: most of this stuff is purely cosmetic. However, upgrading old appliances and décor, and giving a place a fresh new paint job s important to giving it new life! Check out these makeover tips for old houses by Virginia at Live Love DIY:

    -Sand down wood on floors, walls, trim, and doors- prep it for painting

    -Paint everything in white or neutral colors!

    -Remove closet doors to create open spaces

    -Paint old furniture and change out hardware

    Photo Credit: Glenn Scofield Williams 

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    November 30, 2015
    Amazing Curb Appeal Idea: Fix Your Porch Pillars

    The posts on your porch, if you have them, are the most eye catching, yet also most neglected items that people have in their front yard. Large porches are a huge draw for buyers, but most people who actually have them rarely do much upkeep. Therefore, if your porch pillars are crumbly, old-fashioned, or just need some new life, you may want to consider updating them. Especially if you are going to sell soon! Check out this post by Flea Chic, which has some great before and after photos for inspiration!

    Photo Credit: Nola Agent 

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    November 12, 2015
    DIY Toilet Spray

    I’ve been seeing ads lately for the spray that you’re supposed to use before you use the toilet to prevent bad smells. I’m not sure if any of those products actually work, but if you have a chronically smelly bathroom, it could be worth a shot! However, some of them cost around $10. Personally, I think that’s a bit much to keep a bathroom from smelling like…well, a bathroom. That’s why I love this post by Karrie at Happy Money Saver. Here’s her recipe for “poo spray” that you can DIY for pennies:

    1 tsp rubbing alcohol
    30-40 drops of essential oil of choice- this time I used Lemongrass and Peppermint..

    Pour rubbing alcohol in a 3 oz spray container and add essential oils. Add water to fill the container. Give it a good shake and you’re ready to go! I’ve found 3-4 sprays is enough to cover the bowl and trap all of the stink particles below.

    Photo Credit: Roger H. Goun 

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