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    January 12, 2015
    Upcycling Idea: Ladder Shelf

    I absolutely love the whole “shabby chic” design trend. I think it just makes the home look cozy and lived in. But, my favorite décor style is bohemian! Flowy fabrics, rich colors, plants living in the house, mismatched throw pillows and rugs- it’s the absolute epitome of maximalism! Which I am all about. That’s why I love this project by Donna at Funky Junk. It incorporates the best of both worlds, while also upcycling an old piece. Check out her stepladder shelf tutorial here:

    -Select boards for shelves, wall supports, and something to connect the ladder to the wall.

    -Lean the full ladder against the wall at the desired angle. Attach ladder to the wall with top brackets. 

    -Mark how long you desire the boards to be, then cut to size.

    -Paint or stain boards if desired

    -Attach supports to wall, add boards.

    Photo Credit: My Latest Obesession 

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    December 31, 2014
    Wordless Wednesday: Gem Mirror In Bathroom

    Photo from Washingtonian 

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    December 24, 2014
    Wordless Wednesday: Snowflake Door

    Photo from Everything Lovely tumblr

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    December 22, 2014
    Cool DIY Ideas For Your Home

    I’m always on the lookout for easy home upgrades that I can do- that don’t take more than five minutes. I love the idea of having a totally personalized, put together house, but I usually lack the skills to make all my DIY ideas a reality. I don’t know much about electricity, wiring, carpentry, plumbing, or even painting (I’d rather call a professional for those services) – but I’m all for throwing a little glitter on a dollar store item to make it look like a million bucks! That’s why I love this Buzzfeed article by Peggy Wang- it’s packed full of ideas that will make your home stand out, without having much technical knowledge on repairs:

    -Paint your old vinyl or linoleum floors

    -Make your own curtain tie backs

    -Hide television wires in a shower curtain rod

    -Add a large picture frame around your flatscreen TV- or add frames around light switch covers

    -Cover an air vent with a doormat

    Photo Credit: Curb Alert Blog 

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    November 25, 2014
    Home Theater Inspiration- For Sports Fans!

    If you asked everyone what they would include in their home on an unlimited budget, nearly everyone would say a home theater. I know I would! That, a pool, and a giant library with a spiral staircase and comfy chairs. Most people picture a home theater as being an extravagant, over the top purchase. In most cases, that’s true- if you add in special recliner theater seating, an expensive 3D TV, and high end speakers- well, you’d have to be very wealthy. However, there are ways to do it cheaper. Projectors are not terribly expensive, and then all you need is a blank white wall and plenty of seating! If you’re planning to install your own home theater, and happen to be a football fan, I have just the inspiration for you. Check out this post by Bwalker at the Home Theater Gear blog for ideas:

    -Move the snacks to your theater. Add a mini fridge, a hotdog roller, or even a popcorn machine!

    -Customize chairs and other furniture with team colors and logos.

    -Add a riser for that stadium feel, as well as giving all your guests the best seat in the house.

    Photo Credit: gsloan 

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    October 16, 2014
    Fans For the Fall

    Fans are a great, practical accessory to any room. That is, if you know how to utilize them correctly. Large metal/plastic fans usually don’t look great, but a stylish ceiling fan can really pull a room together. However, there are other types of fans besides ceiling fans! Check out this post by Nancy Moeller at the Active Rain blog for some inspiration that you’re sure to be a “fan” of:

    -Smart ceiling fans- These fans are about keeping the temperature and atmosphere in your home at optimum levels using the least amount of energy. 

    -Whole house fans- Older homes that don’t have central air-conditioning can be fitted with a whole house fan.

    -Other options include free-standing box, floor, tower or pedestal fans. You can move these portable fans from room to room throughout the day.

    Photo Credit: Mario Anima 

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    October 15, 2014
    Wordless Wednesday: Perfectly Pink Paint Palette

    Photo from Amy Howard at Home Blog

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    September 25, 2014
    How To Style Bookcases

    I’m always surprised when I go to someone’s house and I don’t see bookshelves; they’re a great way for adding personality to a room. I probably have too many- but where else am I going to put my books? They’re also great for storing (and showing off) all my knick knacks and collections. But, my shelves always look cluttered and full. That’s why I love this article by Justina Blakeney at Ebay- it has some awesome styling tips for making bookshelves look put together: you can use them for staging your home, or giving your room a makeover:

    -Arrange books by size and color

    -Use objects to add height

    -Face good-looking books outward

    -Use artwork on shelves

    -Add plants

    Photo Credit: magicatwork 

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    September 24, 2014
    Wordless Wednesday: How To Transfer A Map Onto A Pallet

    Photo and tutorial from The Idea Room

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    August 11, 2014
    Projects With Old Windows

    I love the look of old windowpanes! They can be used on all sorts of projects: some are functional, some are simply for decoration. You can leave them weathered, giving them a “shabby chic” style, or update them with new, bright coats of paint or stain. Today, I’ve found the motherlode of all upcycled window posts- this page at Funky Junk Interiors. Here are some of my favorites from her list:

    Old window mirror by Finding Home

    Old Window = Coatrack 

    Frosted Window Redo 

    Window Headboard 

    Chalk It Up 

    Garden window frames 

    Photo Credit: Bilal Kamoon 

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